Remote Device Management Made Easy

Join thousands saving time with the easiest way to manage multiple Android devices from your web browser

Key Features

Browse and Download Files

View all the files and folders on your devices. Download any file with just a click.

Location Tracking and History

Track your devices’ location history and current location by manually updating it or automatically through our “Autolocate” feature.

View and Make Phone Calls

Start a phone call remotely from any of your devices. View a log of incoming and outgoing calls with their duration and timestamp.

View Contacts

View all contact information including names, emails, and phone numbers stored on your devices.

Send and View Text Messages

View all sent and received messages. Send SMS messages through your devices remotely.

Record Audio

Record audio from your devices’ surroundings and listen to it remotely.

Application Browser

See all of the installed applications on your devices.

View and Download Photos

View any images from your devices right in your web browser, or download them directly to your computer.

Much More!

These are just some of our many features.
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How it works

Monitordroid allows you to easily administer your Android devices remotely, right from your web browser. Our software connects your tablets or phones to our servers or your own server, allowing you to manage your devices remotely and perform actions to support your enterprise, family, or personal needs. Getting started takes less than a minute.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Never again let distance get in the way of administering your Android devices. Whether they’re using WiFi or a cellular network, you’ll have complete control. Your access will never be limited. Monitordroid’s Control Center functions on any device wherever you may be.

The Power of the Cloud

Monitordroid works with Google software already included on your devices to create a safe, stable connection to the cloud. This allows for unparalleled battery and data saving capabilities only found in our unique structure. We encrypt all data from your devices before sending it to the cloud, so you can be rest assured that your data is secure.

Setting up Monitordroid is simple and fast

Just follow these three easy steps

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download-1 Unlike similar software, you can easily download Monitordroid from the Google Play Store on any of your devices. This makes installing Monitordroid easy and fast.google_play_store

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