Control your mobile devices from any computer with an internet connection no matter where in the world the device or your computer is located. Devices can be monitored or controlled through a cellular data network. 

Feature Rich

A variety of Features are avaliable to provide complete control over your devices. 

It's Easy

You can download and install Monitordroid on most Android devices in less than a minute. We are so sure you will love our service that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  


Source code open to the community for continued development and improvement.

Monitordroid is a Remote Administration Tool for the Android platform. Our software connects your tablet or phone to our web servers, allowing you to send commands to your device remotely and perform actions such as reading and sending text messages, monitoring GPS location, and backing up your contacts. Monitordroid is versatile software that could be used for a variety of purposes including managing your own phone and preventing theft, or as phone monitoring software to keep tabs on your children's mobile activities.